Impress Coffee Brewer

The Impress Coffee Brewer:
a one-cup-at-a-time handcrafted coffee brewer. 


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Hand-Crafted Coffee Without Mechanical Plungers & or Mess!

The Impress is a 2-piece nested press and silicone heat-resistant lid that brews a full-flavored great cup of coffee in 3 minutes or less. After placing fresh grounds in the outer cup and pouring in hot water, let it brew to your taste—we suggest 3 minutes (our coffee experts have tested it and we agree). Then,  simply push the inner cup (reverse-flow filter inspired by the portafilter) all the way down, and clean, rich coffee flows up into the vessel as the grounds get pushed down. That’s it – you’re done – and the result is full-bodied and delicious! The grounds stay at the bottom and out of your coffee until you are ready to pull the inner cup filter back out to clean it. The filter technology keeps the grounds from brewing any further after the coffee is pressed, so you only get the 3 minute brew you intended, even if the coffee stays put for a while longer!

Tiny Filter Holes Inspired by the Portafilter

Clean & Full-Flavored

The inner stainless steel cup is designed as a reverse flow filter that is pressed down after the appropriate brewing time and nests inside the outer cup. It is inspired by the portafilter, so it allows you some flexibility with the grind size.

The Impress is uniquely designed so that brewing stops completely once the inner and outer cups are fully nested. The tiny filter holes work well with various grind sizes (a medium grind achieves best results), and the filter traps the grounds below the finished coffee so it can’t overbrew or let sediment in. No more overbrewed bitterness or muddy sediment of traditional press pots! With a stainless steel construction and filter, you can rest assured you will only be tasting the flavor of the coffee itself.

See Making Coffee for thorough instructions.


Hot to Taste, Cool to Touch

With a double-walled outer cup and the nested inner cup, the Impress is a triple-insulated vessel that keeps your coffee hot for a while— like REALLY hot! The outside stays cool to the touch, and with the silicone lid in place, the heat stays even longer! The lid is even designed so you can drink straight from the Impress if you can’t wait. If you want it that fast though, pouring into another cup is the way to go…it’s just too hot to drink otherwise. You might even decide to share some of your coffee with a co-worker (in which case, maybe you should refrain from gulping it right out of the brewer. The Impress makes 14oz of coffee, enough for 2 people to share.




Easy Cleaning

Because the Impress is made of simple parts rather than intricate coils, filters, mechanisms and plungers, there aren’t those little crevices for grounds and oils to get trapped in. Just knock out the grounds and give a quick rinse to be ready for your next delicious cup.

See Care Instructions for thorough cleaning guidance.