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Thanks to our friends at Larry’s Beans, especially Larry and Nathan, for sharing their great ideas and amazing coffee!  


Larry’s Beans is happily committed to blending and roasting innovative uniquely delicious coffees — and making the world a better place. 100% of their coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Organic, all slow-roasted to bring out every note of indigenous flavor. Their green-o-vated facilities use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize our impact on this awesome planet. Check ‘em out at!

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Berry Sourdough Cafe and it’s Milkwood Bakery is a popular stop in Berry, NSW Australia. We are excited to let everyone know that the Milkwood Bakery is featuring the Impress in the shop. Stop on by if you are in the area, for some delicious fresh baked goodies, and pair it with some piping hot Impress Brew! Thanks, Milkwood!

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August 27th, 2013

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Tyler August 2013To Whom It May Concern:

I purchased two of your Impress Coffee Brewers back in June for my wife and myself and we have been so pleased with the product! I am active duty Air Force deployed overseas with my squadron right now and had an idea to bring the brewer with me. It has made this deployment so much better having amazing coffee each morning I wake up! The benefit of your mug is that I can brew a cup before I go for a flight, put the lid on, and because it’s insulated have a piping hot cup of java midway through a mission…what a treat!

Very Respectfully,




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June 20th, 2013

Buzz from Kickstarter Backers:

I hate you people. I just got my Impress.
I previously owned a high-end coffee shop in Naples FL where we inspected the beans in green, had our own staff at the roasters and invested the cost f a small house in top of the line brewing equipment. My first cup through the Impress literally made me say wow. I’ve used more presses than I can count but the process was so straightforward it was a real gem. I tweaked the amount of coffee and now that I’ve got it dialed in I’m in love. Half asleep each day at 4AM I walk right past my $400 push button brewer and stagger together my Impress and in about 10 minutes, I’ve got my Java Jolt up and running. It’s life changing. I hate you people.

Thank you for an outstanding product. As soon as you’re done with the KS pledges, I’ll be ordering more – one for the wife and a few for my Java Junkie friends.


Received mine today in the Netherlands! I love the attention to detail! The clear instructions with a very nice design, the card in the box and even the silicone ring with the marking ‘filter end’. It really shows the love for coffee :) I’m impressed!


The Impress makes a fantastic cup of french press coffee which replaces a cracked plastic Bodum travel fresh press mug. Coffee in the Impress stays very hot for a long time (stayed hot for a two hour drive?!). Incredibly durable for a coffee drinking traveler.


I really like the coffee it makes! So much tidier than the French Press, w/o the threat of sludge.


I love it. Thanks Gamila. It really is a wonderful little coffee-lover’s tool to own. It makes great coffee and is just so much more convenient to use than our French press or Bialetti moka pot for a great tasting stronger brew. The portability factor is great as well, and it’s very well made. My only issue now is that I’ve managed to use it twice… it was supposed to be mine, but my girlfriend keeps stealing it and bringing it in to work. It’s gone before I wake up! Her co-workers have been using and loving it too, so I think you’ve got some future customers from around my way =)


Impress keeps my coffee too hot for far too long!!! Gamila did too good of a job with insulation -.-


Thank you for this awesome product! By far, superior to Bodum, or any other similar brands out there. I’ve had no problems with smell or grinds so far. The lid is a little hot to drink from, but makes my coffee last longer…. this thing never gets cold ;-)


Kudos to the team! We really like the Impress. In fact, my son quickly “acquired” mine to brew his overnight chilled coffee. FWIW, if you prefer the overnight soak and chilled brew, especially as the summer approaches, then the Impress works very well for that grab and go cup straight from the fridge!


Stupid with excitement about my new Impress Coffee Brewer.


Please know that as I carry this cup on my travels, making coffee the way I like it across the globe, I will think of your crew and your enthusiasm…..


Got my Impress in the U.K yesterday and got to say it’s amazing. Much better at making a brew than my old cafetere. Also added bonus is that the Impress is great for making a smashing cup of tea. Takes about two table spoons of lose leaf tea and fill the same as if it were coffee.


This thing is hands down one of my favorite possessions already. It roooooooooooocks and everyone in my office can’t wait to get one.


I am writing to let you know that I received my Impress Coffee Brewers and they work GREAT!! (In fact, I have been using my Impress more than my Keurig brewer).


GREAT! GREAT! A wonderful wonderful thing.


I am a keen coffeeist with collection of coffee devices. I have to say that this device competes easily as an Americano-brewer with my tweaked and improved Aeropress as a travel device, which (for me) is an impressive feat. This may well take over as my device-to go for those motorcycling/camping trips to the Scottish Highlands.


The coffee is as good as any french pressed coffee I have every had.


Got my new Impress Coffee Brewer and absolutely LOVE it!!!! The best part is that I live across the street from a Dunkin Donuts where I USED to get my coffee from. USED TO! Who needs them when you have an Impress Coffee Brewer? The directions were very easy to follow, and I find that one level filter cup full of grounds gets me the results I’m looking for. Can’t say enough good stuff about it. Thanks guys. You all rock!


We are very impressed with the quality of your coffee brewer! We just brewed our first cup. A very bold and smooth taste! It was very easy!


I ordered 6 more from your online store. So I guess I like it :)


Reading all the positive comments, I really wish that I also could write how pleased I am with my Impress Coffee Brewer. But unfortunately, I’m far too busy enjoying my delicious coffee :)